Technology Applications

with Gas Turbine and Gas Engine Generator

Industrial sector

For Industrial Sector

Oleochemical, Chemical, Petrochemical, Paper & Packaging, Food and Beverage, Rubber, Pharmaceuticals, Ceramics, Textile and Automotive

Among myriads of sectors, the industrial sector is well known of being energy extensive. The hefty usage of electricity and heat (steam, hot water, chilled water, direct heating, thermal oil heating) in the round-the-clock operation constitutes a great part of the operation cost.

There are many ways to tackle this challenge, among others, cogeneration system of high efficiency has already been proven as one of the most reliable solutions to significantly reduce those cost, which also giving a competitive edge to the companies deploying this system. Additionally, the cogeneration system will help to reduce carbon emission of up to 48%, contributing to low carbon society.

In Kawasaki, we have both the gas turbine and gas engine that are able to suit to different electricity to heat ratio requirement, most importantly they offer your business the highest degree of saving on energy cost.

#saving made possible with Cogen

Power Generation Sector

For Power Generation (PG) Sector

Independent Power Producer (IPP), Independent Power Supplier (IPS) and Small Power Producer (SPP)

With more varieties of renewables technology gradually being applied in grid power generation eg. Solar panel, Wind Turbine, more challenges stemming from the intermittent characteristics of the power output are surfacing, one of the most prominent challenge faced by renewable energy is the fluctuating power supply, this problem is aggravated especially in the course of peak demand during certain times of the day. 

To counteract this defect, flexible power generation using gas engine stands out as the most feasible remedy. 

Kawasaki Gas Engine Generator offers the promptitude to be quickly started up to 100% loads in just 5 minutes for peaking, moreover it is highly reliable with constant/ consistent power output throughout its wide operating range from 30% to 100% load, it can provide electric output with electrical efficiency as high as 51% at full load condition, and still offer great electrical efficiency at partial load condition.

The remarkably high electrical efficiency feature will be beneficial to power plant investor with its competitive lifecycle cost, considering the accuracy of efficiency at site conditions accounts to big difference in operation cost ultimately. 

# quick start, high efficiency and wide operating range 

O&G Sector

For Oil and Gas Sector

Offshore Platforms, Oil Refineries and LNG Terminals

In the Oil and Gas sector that is always filled with vigorous challenges, constant optimization of capital expenditure (CAPEX) is vital to perpetually maintain their business sustainability. The optimization of CAPEX can be done by incorporating the fit-for-purpose design approach during the early phase of engineering design for offshore platform or onshore refinery plant. The adoption of this approach will eventually help to save substantial CAPEX.

Our light, compact and fit-for-purpose designed Gas Turbine Generator can reduce the overall structural cost of offshore platform. 

In addition, certain models of Kawasaki Gas Turbine Generator can efficiently absorb up to 100% instantaneous load, perform quick start within 40 seconds and also having black start feature, these make them a more reliable substitute for reciprocating generator that are generally heavier, having higher vibration and creating more noise.

#light, fit-for-purpose and reliable