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BPC : Setting Records in Thailand Power Plant

The Berkprai Cogeneration Project was carried out under the Thai Small Power
Producer (SPP) Program*. Thai power plant operator Berkprai Cogeneration Co., Ltd. is an 100 MW power plant that makes use of a gas engine and gas turbine hybrid combined cycle system, which has very few precedents even on a global scale.

The plant leverages the characteristics of both gas engines and gas turbines to efficiently generate electric power in response to differing daytime and nighttime demand, and it is expected to serve as a model power facility boasting excellent environmental performance.

Each of the gas engines ordered for this project has a generation output of 7,800 kW, and the plant operator will utilize them during daytime peak-demand hours by employing the equipment’s world-leading generation efficiency as well as its high flexibility characterized by fast operation startup and shutdown. The electric power generated will be sold to the state-run Electric Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT).

This order is a testament to the unsurpassed efficiency of the Kawasaki Green Gas Engine as well as its superior economic and environmental performance which meets the toughest NOx emissions standards in the world.

Kawasaki is doing its part by helping to save energy and improve energy security with its Green Gas Engines and other power generation systems as well as cogeneration systems.

*Small Power Producer (SPP) Program: Established by the Thai government in 1992, this program aims, through incentives for small-scale power producers, to promote more efficient energy usage through utilization of by products from existing power sources and promotion of renewable energy usage, and also to reduce oil imports and usage.

Quick Starting and Smooth Running!

K.Saritphong Chuaboon
Production and Maintenance Manager, Berkprai Cogeneration Co., Ltd.

ClientBerkprai Cogeneration Co., Ltd

Models Ordered and QuantityKG18V x 3 units

LocationRatchaburi Province, Thailand


IndustryPower Generation