IF Series – Gas Fired

Package Boiler - Gas fired

Providing high efficiency at partial load and full load, stable steam pressure, high steam dryness, & long life.


Nowadays, with our Multi tube Once-Through boiler, comparing to conventional fire tube and water tube boiler, it has many clear benefits to our client who needs considerable amount of steam for heating process.  One of them is its boiler efficiency of up to 98% with gas firing, the higher the boiler efficiency, the less the fuel is burnt for the same amount of steam output, this helps our client to achieve a very attractive fuel cost saving.  Secondly, its quick start up in 15 minutes (cold start) also contributes to fuel cost saving, compared to fire tube boiler which normally requires around 40 minutes to even 1 hour for cold start.

IF Series – Gas Fired Specifications

Specifications IF – Gas Fired Series
Boiler model IF-3000CGE IF-4000CGE IF-5000CGE IF-6000CGE
Equivalent evaporation (kg/h) 3,000 4,000 5,000 6,000
Actual evaporation (kg/h) 2,516 3,354 4,192 5,031
Maximum working pressure (MPa) 0.98
Heat surface (m2) 18.6 29.4
Combustion control PID continuous
Feed water control PID continuous
Used fuel Natural gas, LPG
Gas supply pressure (MPa) 0.078 ~ 0.294 (NG) 0.098 ~ 0.294 (NG)
Boiler efficiency (%) 98
Fuel consumption (m3N/h)* 170.3 227.0 283.7 340.4
Feed water temperature (℃) 15 ~ 100
Holding water quantity (L) 620 990
Dry weight (kg) 5,000 7,800
Power supply AC380V, 50Hz, 3Ø

Gas: based on 40.6MJ/ m3N(LHV)

Power Capacity

Power Capacity IF – Gas Fired Series
IF-3000CGE IF-4000CGE IF-5000CGE IF-6000CGE
Forced draft fan (kW) 11 15 15 22
Feed water pump (kW) 3.0 3.0 4.0 5.5
Control panel (kW) 0.5

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