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Kawasaki GPB30D is 2.9MWe open cycle, Non-recuperative twin type, single shaft type gas turbine which comprise of 2 stage centrifugal compressor and 3 stage axial turbines. The gas turbine generator set consists of gas turbine engine, engine control system, generator and auxiliary system such as reduction gear, coupling, lubrication, starting and turning system. The combustor for this type of gas turbine is 1 x 2 can type, high energy ignition system. There are 2 types of model for this series which is GPB30 (conventional diffusion) and GPB30D (dry low emission). The applicable fuel for GPB30 is Natural Gas and Diesel Oil. .Alternatively, the GPB30 series can be operated on dual fuel system.

M1A17 - GPB15D-17D
The GPB30D is the generator package model which houses M1T-13 Gas turbine model.

GPB30D Specifications

Specifications Output
Electrical Output 2,850 kW
Heat Rate 15,510 kW
Exhaust Gas Temperature 534 ℃
Exhaust Gas Mass Flow 57 x10³ kg/hr
HRSG Steam Output 10.2 x10³ kg/hr
Total Thermal Efficiency 79.3%
NOx (02 : 15%) 25 ppm
Approximate Package Dimension (L,W,H) 6.0 x 2.4 x 2.8
Approximate Package Weight (dry) 22

Nominal Performance

  • Elevation 0m
  • Inlet air temperature 15℃
  • Inlet air pressure loss 0.98kPa
  • Exhaust gas pressure loss 2.45kPa
  • LHV of Natural Gas Fuel(100% CH4) 35.9MJ/Nm3
  • Typical Steam Condition: Steam pressure 0.83MPaG, Steam temperature(saturated) 177℃, Feed water temperature 80℃, Blowdown from HRSG 0%

Note: Mark “D” means Dry Low Emission

Typical Layout Drawing

for Cogeneration with GPB30D : mm

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