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Kawasaki announced the completion of endurance testing and start of sales for their new-model KG-18-T gas engine, a newly developed product with a two-stage turbocharging system and the world-leading electrical efficiency in its class worldwide. It is added as a high-efficiency model to the Kawasaki Green Gas Engine lineup.

Since its first order in 2011, the original model that the KG-18-T is based on has sold over 180 units, and the latest model was developed to further boost its performance. The new model has an output of 7,800 kW at 50 Hz and 7,500 kW at 60 Hz and utilizes a newly developed two-stage turbocharging system to achieve a 1.5% increase in power generating efficiency compared with existing Kawasaki models, giving it a world-leading efficiency in its output class worldwide of 51.0%. NOx emissions are kept to 200 ppm or less, and it is designed to meet the environmental performance requirements demanded by many cities.

KG-18-T Specifications

Cylinder bore x stroke (mm) 300 x 480
Output (kW) 50Hz / 750rpm 7,800
60Hz / 720 rpm 7,500
LHV gross heat rate (kJ/kWh) 7,129
LHV gross heat rate (bTu/kWh) 6,757
Eletrical, efficiency 51 %
NOx (ppm) [02=0%] 250 or less (at 02 = 0 %)
Operating range 30~100 % load
Turbocharger type Two stage
Turbocharger control system By-pass valve type


  1. Standard gas in Japan (40.6 MJ / Nm3、Methane Number = 69)basis data.
  2. ISO condition, PF=1.0 and lube oil is SHC pegasus SAE 30.
  3. 5% tolerance for heat rate.
  4. Site performance and emission data for each project shall be calculated based on the project specification. Please contact to the nearest Kawasaki.

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