Efficio NH, NU, NE series – Direct Fired

Direct Fire Chiller

Efficio is the highest efficiency double-effect absorption chiller in the world.


Kawasaki has been the technology leader in Absorption Chiller, which offers our client the flexibility of heating method (Direct Fired, Steam Fired, Hot Water Fired or Water Heat Hybrid).   This helps our client to maximize the utilization of available heat in their plant which is normally wasted or ignored, and hence reduces relevant energy cost in chilled water generation.  For example, the absorption chiller is normally used in Cogeneration system to recover the waste heat generated from the exhaust or jacket water cooling circuit of the prime mover (Gas Turbine Generator or Gas Engine Generator).

Efficio NH, NU, NE series – Direct Fired Specifications

Specifications Performance
Capacity  80 to 1,000 USRT
NH Series COP*  1.43 (Chilled Water Inlet / Outlet Δt=8℃)
NU Series COP*  1.39 (Chilled Water Inlet / Outlet Δt=8℃)
NE Series COP*  1.33 (Chilled Water Inlet / Outlet Δt=8℃)

*Coefficient of Performance at LHV (Lower Heating Value) basis

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