Success Story

Sime Darby : Frontrunner in District Cooling system

When comes to Gas Cogeneration District Cooling system, Tractors Malaysia (Sime Darby Industrial) is one of the early adopters in Malaysia, while many commercial sectors were still relying on conventional air conditioning methods.

With the installation of GPB15 Gas Turbine Cogeneration system at Tractors Engineering Complex (TEC), it provides the convenience to the complex with around 1.3 MW of electricity and also 1,000 USRT chilled water.  The chilled water is generated via Kawasaki Steam Fired Absorption chiller, of which the steam is churned out from Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG), which is taking the heat from the exhaust of Gas Turbine. The GPB15 Gas Turbine is able to be started and stopped daily according to the demand of normal working hours of TEC.   It has been running for more than 20 years and will still be running and is a testament of very high reliability and long service lifetime of the Kawasaki Gas Turbine, and Absorption Chiller.

Last but not least, this project spearheaded the partnership between KGA and Sime Darby Energy Solutions for Malaysian Cogeneration market.  Honest partnership comes with the right affiliate can lead towards an incredible impact on business success. Having been business partners for years, Kawasaki and Sime Darby Energy Solutions have built a lifetime partnership. Along the way, we have created together an excellent relationship service on a foundation based on integrity, transparency, honesty, generosity, intelligence and energy. We believe these traits will lead us to even more cooperation and good work in the years to come as lifetime partners.

Two words for Kawasaki - Trust & Reliability!

Dr. Lim Daw Yuen
General Manager

ClientSime Darby Energy Solutions Sdn Bhd (Sime Darby Industrial)

End UserTractors Malaysia Engineering Complex (Sime Darby Industrial)

LocationPuchong, State of Selangor, Malaysia

IndustryDistrict Cooling