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Kawasaki GPS Series:

Kawasaki GPS Series is designed for immediate power supply application in the event of sudden loss of power from the utility. The reliability of GPS Series has allowed them to be installed in facilities such as Internet Data Centers, Hospitals and etc. where uninterruptable power supply is required.

This series is capable for automatic operation (start/power supply/stop) and equipped with alarm/protection system to monitor critical point such as oil and cooling water temperatures in the system.

There are various models in the GPS series which ranges from 600kW to 4800kW.

GPS Model Overview:

Benefit and Features:-

  • High Performance and Reliable
  • Superior Starting Reliability
  • Space Saving, Easy Transportation and Installation
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Low Noise and Quiet Operation
  • Low Vibration
  • Light Weight
  • Dual Fuel Capability

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  • GPS750       750 kVA       600 kW
  • GPS1250    1250 kVA    1000 kW
  • GPS1500    1500 kVA    1200 kW
  • GPS2000    2000 kVA    1600 kW
  • GPS2500    2500 kVA    2000 kW
  • GPS3000    3000 kVA    2400 kW
  • GPS4000    4000 kVA    3200 kW
  • GPS5000    5000 kVA    4000 kW
  • GPS6000    6000 kVA    4800 kW

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