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Kawasaki GPB Series:

The Kawasaki GPB Series is designed for base load applications, for both parallel operation with the grid and island mode operation.

The Kawasaki GPB Series is able to operate in Co-generation service, supplying both electricity and heat (steam, hot water, direct heat) by collecting waste heat with a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG), heat exchanger, or dryer, and in Combined Cycle with a steam turbine generator. With high total thermal efficiency, the Kawasaki GPB Series is capable of very economical operation, equipped with an alarm/protection system and is capable of automatic operation.

Depending on the energy demand and application, Kawasaki has in-house capability to offer feasibility study and system configurations to maximize the many benefits that arise from the co-generation system.

Kawasaki design, manufacture and supply gas turbine generator packages for the industrial power and co-generation plants. Our capacity ranges from 1.5MW up to 30MW as for the following models at ISO Conditions.

GPB15       -      1,490  kWe
GPB17       -      1,690  kWe
GPB30       -      2,930  kWe
GPB60       -      5,530  kWe
GPB70       -      6,800  kWe
GPB80       -      7,810  kWe
GPB180     -    18,420  kWe
GPB300     -    30,120  kWe

Benefits and Characteristic
Kawasaki gas turbines are developed from state of the art high quality equipment following the latest technology and high total thermal or combined heat and power efficiency.
Following are the main characteristic of Kawasaki Gas Turbine:-
  • High Reliability
  • Ease of Maintenance and Inspection
  • High Co-generation Efficiency
  • 100% Starting Reliability
  • Lower Life Cycle Cost by larger heat recovery capability

It is suitable for continuous base load application for industries like textiles, rubber, district heating/cooling, ceramic and paper drying and etc.

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