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Exchange of Power Section & Gearbox with refurbished units:

Having minimal TBO (Time Between Overhaul):
Applicable models for all KGA customers:
  1. GPB15
  2. GPB17
  3. GPB30
  4. GPB60
  5. GPB70
  6. GPB80
  7. GPB180 and GPB300 (note: For this particular package model only power section shall be exchanged with a minimal TBO spare power section  and existing Gearbox shall be overhauled at site)

Advantages of engine and gearbox exchanged with minimal TBO units at site
  • The customer shall have minimal shutdowns period during the engine and gearbox exchange works.
  • Highest plant operational availabilities are achieved due to minimal downtime is required to perform this task

Power Section exchange work in progress:

Equipment alignment work is in progress utilizing special laser alignment tool after completing engine and gearbox exchange at site

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