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After Sales Service

Overhaul Factory
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After sales service operations in South East Asia, South Asia and Pacific Countries are based in KGA Malaysia. Our sales & service partners located in these region are well-trained by us to handle issues at priority call from customer and along with a wide pool of skilled technical advisors readily available in Malaysia and Japan, we are able to provide a wide range of services and supports for our customers at urgent basis.

    Two types of service maintenance were provided to our customers.
   · Scheduled maintenance consists of bore scope inspection (BSI), hot section inspection (HSI) and overhaul (OH) by engine and
      gearbox exchange.
   · Unscheduled maintenance includes trouble-shooting.
i) Technical advisory service
   · KGA's skilled service staff will provide prompt and suitable field service to customer throughout the year as per below:-
   · Dispatch of technical advisor for schedule & unscheduled maintenance.
   · Technical documentation such as technical report are provided to customers upon completion of any maintenance at site.
   · On-call services were provided to customers who need urgent remote assistance.

ii) Spare parts and tools
    Fast moving and supply of spare parts and tools in the said regions minimizing the anticipated downtime and lost in production.

iii) Trade -in at overhaul
    Our standard overhaul of engine is done by trade-in (engine & gearbox exchange) at site which reduces downtime and maintains
    highest availability.
    In fostering our customers satisfactions, various models of pre-overhauled engines are readily available for any emergency recoveries at site
iv) Remote monitoring by Techno-Net
    Customer's equipment is connected to Kawasaki service center (in Malaysia & Japan) via internet or telephone line to notify abnormality
    and facilitate troubleshooting.

v) Long Term Service Agreement (LTSA)
   Any maintenance services are provided as LTSA for any period, which can offer a firm maintenance cost and smooth
   maintenance administration.

     Uprate, retrofit, refurbishment and repair/replacement of GTGs on consulting basis.

    Customers are once provided on-site training on how to handle our equipments during installation and commissioning. Various courses
    are also tailored to suit our customers need at any required time to be held in our training facilities in Malaysia.

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